Skrelp’s name is derived from “kelp,” which is a type of seaweed. I think it looks like a dragonfish. Its poison/water

Clauncher reminds me of a mantis shrimp. It is simply a water type.

Talonflame, while having a stupid name, excites me. It is the evolved form of Fletching. It is a fire and flying type. This means that a pokemon that is available in the beginning of the game could prove to be a beneficial addition to your team later in the game.

Everyone had guessed that a new type would be annouced. They were right. It is fairy, and it is strong against dragon! Here is some information about the type:

  • new Fairy-type which includes Sylveon, Gardevoir, Jigglypuff and Marill
  • Gardevoir is now Psychic/Fairy, Marill is Water/Fairy and Jigglypuff is Normal/Fairy
  • Fairy-type is super effective against Dragon types

two new pokemon


I’m not sure about their stats, but obviously there names are Vivillon and Noivern. Here is their types:

(Flying/Dragon type) and Vivillon (Bug/Flying type)

And apparently Vivillon evolves from a pokemon called Spewpa.



And here is a better picture of them:


Don’t forget tomorrow is going to be the pokemon developers roundtable. It will be shortly after the nintendo event. And while it may not be live streamed a video will probably be released. This should contain our next wave of content for pokemon x and y. Keep in mind that the game is only 4 months away, so they better keep spilling the facts to build up the hype.